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Many businesses look at the cost to upgrade a computer strictly in dollars and cents going out the door. This captures only a small part of the picture. This business blindspot is why many employees silently struggle with slow, outdated equipment. The cost of this struggle is lost wages and productivity.

Every company knows their biggest expense is payroll. One of the best ways to optimize payroll is to raise productivity. For office workers, the fastest way to raise productivity is to ensure that the computers are up to date, regularly optimized and receiving full support.

Consider that the majority of office workers spend eight hours a day on a computer. If the computers are not optimized then those old computers are costing your company more in lost wages than a new computer sitting on every desk.

With our Lifecycle Management service we'll identify and plan upgrades that fit your budget. We also understand that large outlays of capital are a challenge for any organization. We have you covered there as well. With our Technology as a Service program we can provide a whole office of new computers for a monthly fee saving your capital budget for growing your business.

While these are oversimplified examples they do illustrate the point that the money going out the door to purchase hardware has a benefit. An often large and overlooked benefit depending on the situation.

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